Our Ingredients

For the taste-conscious connoisseur


At the heart of our handcrafted, organic and raw creations are our vegan roots.

We believe in fostering and creating cruelty free products that can be enjoyed by everyone.



 We treat our raw, organic ingredients with sensitivity and respect - using minimal or no heat, so that the ingredients remain a wholefood as nature intended.   After all, it is inner integrity which really counts in nature and in life. 

All the ingredients are handmade in our kitchen. This includes handcrafting our chia jams, squeezing our lemon juice, making our liquid vanilla, as well as activating all the nut varieties that we use to make nut flours, nut creams, nut mylks and nut butters.  

All our products are naturally gluten free, dairy free, soy free and refined sugar free.